Sandpoint Idaho has literally been described as one of the most Beautiful Small Towns in America.  Surrounded by this beauty must be inspiring right?

Of course it is; however, we can grow too accustom to what surrounds us, even take it for granted.  Lately, I found myself picking up my camera because I was being paid to, I couldn't remember the last time I had picked up my camera because I was inspired to.

Lucky for me we had just the cure, a temporary change in view.  Our every other year trip to the east coast, more specifically- the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Even more specific than that Emerald Isle- one of my favorite beaches in the Outer Bank chain.  It's a close call, for me, between Emerald Isle and Kure Beach (to sound like a local make sure you say Kure correctly, it sounds exactly like curry the yummy cuisine).

So my family and I traveled 2,739 miles from Sandpoint Idaho to  Emerald Isle NC.  Talk about long travel days.  But the beauty of the Outer Banks is so rich and green.  The rhythm of the ocean so peaceful.  There it was, that feeling of, "I must capture this!  I love this!"

A great week with family, memories that we will always have thanks to modern technology and digital backup!

Some of my favorite pics from the week :)