Please don't trust your phone...

While smart phones are getting smarter every day and phone cameras are getting better every model-  I learned the hard way not to trust archiving your memories to your phone.

Recently, I downloaded Shutterfly*  which allows you to grab photos directly from your phone, have them printed for free then shipped to you for a determined price.  I had hordes of images on my phone that I was sure would be lost one day by damage to the phone or some other freak accident. Getting them printed seemed like an easy solution.  I uploaded 122 images, was really impressed by how quickly it went, and payed 11.62 to have them shipped to me.  That comes out to approximately 9 cents per image. Not bad.

I was so excited to see the orange envelopes arrive; however, as I started flipping through my memories I was totally bummed.   I noticed how poor the quality was of each image.  They were grainy and some were down right out of focus.  These characteristics were not apparent when viewed on my phone.  Do I regret having the images printed?  No, it’s still fun to have the physical images on hand, regardless of quality.  BUT will I be more inclined to grab my ‘real’ camera as we head out the door? Absolutely! 

And if you want quality images you can hang on your wall be sure to call a Pro, you won’t regret it!!! Every time you walk by that gorgeous canvas or framed print you will be so glad you finally scheduled your photo session.  And don’t wait for your kids to be ‘Seniors’ before you get their portraits taken, there are pieces of them that will change from year to year and those are the little details you will want to hold onto forever.

Little Orange House Family Sessions are 175.00, includes your digital images.

Child portrait sessions are $55.00, includes your digital images.

*I have no affiliation with Shutterfly