What do I wear?

Photo Shoot Wardrobe??  Is your mind drawing blanks?


Can't figure out what to wear? That's okay!!  Booking with a professional photographer not only gets you quality images that will last a lifetime-but a vast amount of knowledge as well.  Here are some of my favorite tips (please keep in mind most of these tips are my personal preferences formed by being photographed myself, they are what I've found to follow that allow me to be happy with the outcome when photographed-not everyone should follow these tips, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in front of the camera) 

1-Check out Pinterest- I have a board called 'What do I wear' on my Pinterest page, with ideas that work well and other pics of inspiration.


2-Avoid Horizontal Stripes- this is just one of my personal preferences, as a broader woman, horizontal stripes do not serve me well, LOL!

3-Another personal preference is- I avoid wearing white in photo-shoots (mostly barbecue I'm sensitive about my size), but if you have a white sundress that you like to rock, go for it! 

4-Avoid florescent colors- these can be a challenge to keep evenly toned in a photograph causing one subject to stand out more than the others.

5-Make sure your outfit is comfortable and fits well.  Being in front of the camera can feel stressful, nothing is worse than also having to worry about under garments showing, buttons popping, etc.

6-Before you leave the house, be sure to sit down in-front of a mirror.  I know, that sounds weird! But often times in a Family or Senior Session some of the poses are seated.  It's best to figure out before hand what materials/outfits work and which do not.